WonderWood wooden houses made of cylindrical and profiled timber have unique properties due to the use of the main building material - high-altitude Carpathian fir, which has high strength and gives the room warmth, comfort and tranquility. By purchasing such a house, you can be sure of its quality, reliability and comfort - it is always warm in the cold season, and cool in summer heat, well-adjusted humidity inside the room. WonderWood houses are the best solution for home and leisure.

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We offer

Modern buildings

Facades we offer modern panoramic windows "to the floor" and enjoy the view of the surrounding landscape directly from the house.


Picturesque land plots in Kiev, Lviv and the Carpathians in anticipation of their new owner.

Baths, saunas

A wooden sauna with a fireplace on the wood is a refined addition to the country house, a source of health and vivacity for the whole family and friends.


WonderWood will fulfill all your plans and wishes regarding the home in a professional project in the best tradition of wooden construction.



WonderWood will prepare all the necessary documents for the registration of the land you have chosen for you, for starting and conducting construction, privatization of housing.


What a cozy modern house will be able to do without a warm fireplace? WonderWood offers the installation of professional wood burning fireplaces, decorated in your chosen style.

Water / Wells

One of the world's leading standards in the quality of life is pure water. WonderWood provides water supply from a well made according to the needs of a particular residential property.

Interior and design

WonderWood is a modern company that uses only innovative technologies and environmental materials, combined with the best traditions and years of masters experience.


The interior of the WonderWood WC from the finest natural materials - wood and stone, as well as a fireplace on the wood, will create a unique atmosphere of "light steam" for true lovers of bath procedures.


The decoration, the final finishing touch to the arrangement of a private residential complex is a designer fence of various types of natural stone, which will emphasize your individuality, create comfort and safety on the territory.



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