WonderWood builds wooden houses of extremely high-quality, environmentally friendly material – the high-mountainous Carpathian spruce that grows on the slopes of the highest mountain range of the Ukrainian Carpathians – "Chornogory", and has an extraordinary density and strength, long straight fibers, even white and as used to say old carpenters – sounds especially.


The houses are constructed of cylindered timber, mostly 200 and 220 mm in diameter, and profiled logs in thicknesses of 180 and 200 mm, which is sufficient for year-round operation of the house in the climatic conditions of Ukraine and Europe, since the diameter of the wooden beam of 200 mm corresponds to 1 m of the brick wall and protects the room from freezing up to -45°С.


Warming between the logs – a strip of natural linen 7 mm thick, which is an environmentally friendly material, a natural antiseptic, is not popular with rodents, is not afraid and does not accumulate moisture, removes static tension from the movement of curtains, winds and people. This has a very positive effect on the microclimate of the settlement.


Construction of a wooden log house allows you to save your money, both in construction and in operation. Unlike brick houses, where the walls need to plaster, putty, insulate, and so on. The cost of a fully finished and equipped home made of cylindered timber can be calculated with high accuracy, to forecast its costs and fit into the planned terms of moving to a new home.


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About WonderWood Houses

A wooden house made of natural timber is a natural "climate control" that regulates the humidity and air temperature in the room: in a wooden house is cool in heat and heat in cold weather. Wood is a material that breathes. The house of wood always has a pleasant smell and a special atmosphere.

One of the biggest advantages of a wooden log house is a well-processed, external and internal surface of the beam, which serves both coated decorative walls and does not require additional cladding. It is the firer, not the pine, has unique properties for the construction of houses - it is light, resistant to freezing pure wood, which does not have dark knots, which drying out begin to drop. Also, there are no "resin pockets" in the spruce (reservoirs of resin in the thickness of the wood), such pockets for the manufacture of massive pine wood wall can not be detected and during the operation constantly appear resinous rivers on the walls. Pine is suitable for making decorative items such as linen.

WonderWood performs a year-round workflow. A wooden house allows you to start and build a building in the cold season, without waiting for the next season, which significantly accelerates the pace of construction. Such an opportunity is absent during the construction of brick or block buildings with the use of liquid building mixtures that can not be used in low temperatures. This limits the work of the spring-summer period and stretches the construction process for several years.
The most popular cycles of building a wooden house are: foundation – autumn, house – spring, decoration – summer, autumn. Or: foundation – spring, house – summer, decoration – autumn, winter.

Thus, the "key ready" log house can be built in 1 calendar year.

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Construction includes a range of tasks, we are ready to fully solve them.

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If the bathhouse – only from the wood. There are no alternatives to the wooden construction of the bath, and especially the steam room. This is due to the inherent properties of the tree – ability to breathe and passes through the thick wall of the steam and humidity. The atmosphere in the baths is special – the smell of pine, the look of natural wood give a unique charm.

The bathhouse building can be combined with the guestshouse. In this case we construct a mansard floor, in which a cozy bedroom is located.

The most popular sizes of bathhouse: 6х6m, 6x7m, 6x10m with living-room, slipping room, shower room, bathroom, steam room, terrace.

Often the bathhouse is complemented with the terrace under the roof, width 2-2,5m for outdoor recreation.

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Properly executed project calculates all parameters of load on the log walls and overlays, the observance of which during construction is one of the most important factors of reliability and quality of the house. At the design stage, it is necessary to provide for the purpose and size of all premises and not to change them during the construction process. It is rarely possible to change the already installed openings or correct it without loss of decorative appearance, and it is impossible to move the log wall at all.

After agreeing on a draft project, we will execute a 3D-model of the house from different angles for maximum visualization. You can also choose a project from our collection, we adapt it to your needs, make the necessary corrections.

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We will make your project or make changes to ours free of charge.


Save and multiply your property no less important than gaining it. We recommend that you install a security alarm and a video surveillance system for your personal safety and the safety of your property.

  • Security systems at home: classic wired or wireless sensors; on the remote control or the chip management; for pleasure or with a surrender to the state control panel; mounting an alarm button; Ability to manage the security system using sms commands.
  • Video Surveillance: Internal and external camcorders with round-the-clock sign-up features and the ability to view online from anywhere in the world from mobile and landline digital devices.
  • In order to implement an online video surveillance system, you need a high-quality Internet feed with a speed of 5Mb. We offer the optimal solution for connecting to the Internet, depending on the location of your site and its services in the region: radio channel, fiber optic cable, cable connection.

Land Plots

WonderWood offers land plots in Kyiv, Lviv and Carpathians. All territory are privatized, with the purpose for residential individual construction, fully ready for sale and start construction.


barbeque house

Harmonious addition to a private home is a seating area in which the hosts meet guests, prepare meals on fire, rest. It is worth to arrange a gazebo – in a cozy place with a beautiful view, this will complement the ensemble of territory. It is conveniently connected with the barbecue grill.

The great advantage of a wooden gazebo, as well as a wooden house, is the finished decorative wall covering, which does not require any additional facing work.

WonderWood carries out gazebos as from a cylindrical bar in diameter of 180 or 200 mm, and from a trimming calibrated timber 150x150 mm.

The most popular sizes are 4x4m, 4x5m, 4x6m. Material: spruce, pine, fir. Roof cover: metal tiles, natural tile, soft bitumen tile.