About us

WonderWood was founded in 2004. Since then, more than 100 objects of wooden construction of private houses, hotels, bathhouses have been built.


Previously, wooden log houses were considered only as summer cottages, mostly for seson use and were met by many skeptics regarding their strength. Now WonderWood due to exact adherence to all technologies and using only natural, environmentally friendly materials provides an excellent result in energy efficiency, while maintaining the reliability and aesthetic appearance of a wooden house, the walls of which do not require any insulation or decorative works from the outside and inside.


WonderWood uses new decoration materials and innovative engineering network management solutions in combination with the traditional comfort of wooden houses. WonderWood builds wooden houses that live comfortably and safely throughout the year, taking into account the summer heat and winter frosts.

What can we be
useful to you

"All Inclusiv" service provides for key ready construction, preparation of all project, technical and permit documentation, maintenance and quality control at all stages of construction, consulting on conducting related works.

The result we guarantee

Full compliance with construction technology using only environmentally friendly materials.


Year-round operation of the house in the climatic conditions of Ukraine and Europe, since the thickness of the beam 200mm allows preventing the freezing of the walls to a temperature of -45C.


Modern building of the highest quality quilted timber – high-density dense spruce, harvested on the slopes of the highest mountain range of Ukraine "Chornogory".


The surface of the timber is a finished decorative coating of both external and internal walls of the house.


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