Construction technology

3D-візуалізація проектів дерев'яних будинків: що це?


3D-моделювання - використання програмного забезпечення задля створення реалістичної моделі майбутнього будинку.


External finishing works: necessary materials

Decorative stone, brick, linen or paint - what to choose for the outer decoration of a wooden house? Secrets of successful construction from WonderWood. Although the tree itself is a self-sufficient

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Recovery of the forest

The tree is not only a valuable building material, but also our future. Forest fires, pests and diseases, illegal logging - how to deal with these problems and protect the natural resources of Ukraine

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Which wood to choose?

How to choose durable, environmentally friendly and safe material for the construction of a wooden house. Tips from WonderWood. Already hundreds of times it was a fact that wood is environmentally saf

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New trends in construction

Europe and America are actively rebuilding their territories with wooden high-rise buildings. What trends are visible in Ukraine and is it profitable now to start building a wooden house? Although the

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How to choose time for construction?

What factors influence the choice of construction time and how to save money through timekeeping of construction work? Now the country's wooden houses are becoming more and more actual. The growing nu

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