Build your dream home. From "A" to "I"


The documentation processing can significantly affect the duration of construction and delay such a long-awaited moment of moving to your own estate. And just can take a lot of time and nerves.

WonderWood offers "All inclusive" service. We will assume all the permits and accompanying documents that are required from the moment of the site registration to the commissioning of your new home. Thus, you will have more time to set up and design a home. And leave paper distraction to us.

List of documents for re-registration of a plot (sale, donation):

  • extract from the state register (Land Administration).
  • certificate for no prohibition and easements (- // -).
  • expert assessment of the cost of the site (organizations with a license to work on land resources assessment).
  • expert review report.
  • monetary valuation.
  • owner information.

List of documents for the beginning of construction and commissioning:

  • a project of the house and all buildings on the territory of the site (sauna, garage, workshop, security guard, etc.).
  • building plot passport.
  • notice of commencement of construction work.
  • technical building passport.
  • declaration of readiness of the constructions.
  • acceptance into operation.
  • privatization.


An integral part of the wooden house has always been and remains a fireplace, which is intended to warm its masters during the cold season, and also plays a huge aesthetic role and is the central decorative element of the living room. Is it possible to combine these two aspects when constructing a fireplace?

WonderWood installs fireplaces of French or Italian production with the further expansion of heat channels throughout the building. The unique beauty of a living flame is combined with the comfort and practicality of use. In private homes fireplaces with a capacity of 14-20 kW are installed.


The heart of a wooden bath is a steam-room with special attention to planning, materials selection and equipment.

WonderWood uses proven materials for the décor: the benches are made of alder, the walls and ceiling – of linden. To protect against temperature fluctuations and humidity, the surface of the benches is covered with a special oil that retains the natural appearance of the wood.

The most popular size of sauna in private bath is 2.60х2,0m, which allows you to comfortably accommodate 4 adults. Most standard wood and electric stones heaters can quickly warm the room and keep the temperature at the right level.

Wells for water supply

It is not news for anyone that high-quality water is a guarantee of health. Water supply remains one of the most difficult tasks, which implementation requires experience, availability of appropriate equipment, materials, labor, and organized structure. It is for these reasons that we recommend that you apply for a well drilling service in Karpaty to our company WonderWood. Therefore, to rebuild a well is an additional, significant expense.

Advantages of autonomous water supply:
  • This is an great tool for maintaining your own health.
  • No dependence on centralized water supply.
  • One-time financial investments, and then substantial savings on utility payments. Independent water supply has a long service life, more than 20 years, and in the event of any damage, they can be eliminated with minimal cost.


A beautiful fence – like a frame to a picture – frames and emphasizes all the benefits of a private home, creates a cosiness and interior space of the estate, protects against noise and dust. We offer fences from durable materials – natural stone in combination with metal and wood.

Such a fence is executed on an individual order and is calculated for each concrete site both in section width and height of the structure. For the achievement of an excellent decorative effect, the foundation of the fence and columns are masonated from a single Carpathian stone of several species. The sections of the fence are filled either with sheet metal with a polymeric coating or specially treated bars or boards.

Interior and design


Wonderwood manufactures handmade furniture with massive wood: beds, chests, cabinets, cupboards, tables, armchairs, stools, sofas, benches, shelves, mirrors. Dimensions, color, shape; by prior agreement and interior needs.


The decoration of a wooden house are shutters. We produce handmade shutters from forged metal elements and wooden beams. This precise work is performed after the final installation of windows, window sills and frames.

Shutters are a unique element of the decor and perfectly complement and highlight the exterior of your home. In addition to aesthetic pleasure, shutters are a very useful accessory, because they protect the space of the house from noise, dust, excess light and uninvited guests, as well as expensive modern window systems from partition.